Sunday, 24 July 2011

Theological musings

I have spent much of this week reading about and thinking on the various forms of Black & African Theology. (Black Theology is principally a form of liberation theology, creating a theologican hermeneutic which seeks to do theology in a way which speaks for black people, and in particular Afro-Caribbean people in the context of post-Colonial/ post-Slavery N. America and Europe. African Theology is the theology done by new Churches originating in Africa, in particular West/ Atlantic Coast Africa and is often based around Pentecostal theologies).

The reason for this exploration is because the Church at which I minister has a mainly black/ African congregation many of whom worship at second or third congregations. My interest is in why they do this and what Anglican theology can do to meet the needs of people for whom Western Theology neither speaks for nor shares their experience..

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