Thursday, 14 July 2011

Beginnings ...

Welcome to my blog 'A Place to Think'. The name of blog is also its intention, to provide a place for me to think outside of the box (literally in the case of twitter and Facebook, which limit the amount you can write), but also intellectually. To be a place where I can throw out ideas and allow myself the freedom to think freely on issues that interest and concern me.

As a Christian and an Ordinand I am natually interested in Christian theology, in this instance Anglo-Catholic theology. But I am also interested in Harry Potter, and in particular its theology - it is perhaps one of the most 'Christological' series of novels ever written and has much to tell us about ourselves, as well as about the nature of humanity and belief.

The Church of England also concerns me, in particular its future, in age when it seems to be ever more divided on issues of sexuality or womens' ministry. The old certainties are long past and as a Church we exploring new and exciting/ scary territories. My hope is that we can remain honest to what we believe and affirm in oneanother the image of God, even when we disagree funadamentlally with each other. But that is the way of families.

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